#1. Gentoo Penguins propose to their life partner with a pebble.

Penguin colony Gentoo penguin.Hanah point.

#2. Goats have a different accent in their noise

Love Goats.

#3. Squirrel often forget the place where they hid their dinner

Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) looks outside

#4. The nose point of the dog tells its identity

A Westie – West Highland Terrier- sleeps on a carpeted stair enjoying his post lunch nap.

#5. A hippo’s sweat is pink

The hippo is eatting grass in zoo, Cordoba, Spain

#6. A cat has 32 muscle in its each ear

Kitten at home garden wall

#7. An octopus has three hearts

Red Octopus on coral reef in the Red Sea in clear blue water with scuba divers behind

#8. An Ostrich’s eye is larger than its brain

Front view of ostrich, Struthio camelus, looking at camera.

#9. The monarch butterfly has 12000 eyes

beautiful monarch butterfly resting on yellow sunflowers with blurry background

#10. A starfish has 8 eyes on its 8 legs

Two starfish on the beach and beautiful sunset over sea

#11. Flamingo only eat with their heads upside down

Close up of beautiful African flamingos that are standing in still water with reflection. Namibia

#12. Hummingbird can fly backwards

High Key photo of Ruby-Throated Hummingbird feeding on Zinnias

#13. Frogs don’t drink water its absorbs water through the skin

Red-eyed tree frog sitting on the branch and smiling

#14. Woodpecker able to peck wood 20 times a second

Male great spotted woodpecker perching at a woodpeckers roosting hole.

#15. If you keep goldfish in the dark it will turn into pale

Goldfish in aquarium with green plants

#16. A giraffe can clean their ears with its own tongue

A face of a giraffe in close-up

#17. If you keep a jellyfish under the sunlight you won’t find it

Jellyfish floating in water, vibrant orange, pink and blue colors.

#18. A rat can live without water longer than a camel

A cute brown rat peers down from a tree branch

#19. A whale’s heartbeat is nine times per minute

A baby humpback whale plays as it swims near the surface in blue water off Tonga in the Pacific Ocean

#20. Snake does not blink

snake on black background

#21. Tarantulas, the world largest spider can live more than two years without foods.

live predatory mexican redknee tarantula

#22. Oysters have an amazing ability to change gender whenever they need

Sunshine at sun rise illuminates golden beaches and a washed-up oyster shell on the Dorset coast between Poole and Bournemouth


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