Dolphins are a set of adorable and social sea creatures that live in the Ocean. They are so friendly, cute, and adorable therefore, everybody loves them. Even though everybody loves and known all around the world, here are some unknown and interesting facts about these beautiful mammals that have made scientists wonder about them.

Marine wildlife background – three bottlenone dolphins jumping over sea waves

#1. They Can Turn Off Half of Their Brain

Dolphins can stay up awake for a long period, even as long as 2 weeks. And also, they have a special ability to rest one-half of their brains when the other half is awake. Normally they sleep with one-half of their brain and keep one eye open. Scientists believed that they do this to secure their group from predators.

Group of dolphins swimming at the bottom of the ocean floor. View from above.

#2. They are Chatty

These amazing mammals have some of the most elaborate acoustic abilities. Researchers found that they have unique calls for themselves and use them as names. The researcher recorded their signature whistles and when they played those whistles the relevant dolphin responded immediately after listening to them. Dolphins make a variety of sounds including whistles, squawks, clicks, barks, squeaks, moans, yelps, and groans.

Two Dolphins in a blue water

#3. They Select Their Friends Based on Their Habits

Normally dolphins examine others’ behavior and interest and hang out with dolphins who have the same behaviors, habits, and interests. So, they all stick together and form a group and travel, play and hunt together as a team.

Group of dolphins swimming at the bottom of the ocean floor. View from above.

#4. They are So Intelligent

Dolphins can be identified as one of the few species that can recognize themselves in a mirror. And also, they are trained to track specific targets to detect underwater mines. Other than that, they can use tools to facilitate their daily routines.

Dolphin in a blue water

#5. They Can’t Chew

Even they have a row of teeth they are not for chewing foods. They grab, bite and tear their food using teeth before gulping it down.

Underwater view of a playful bottlenose dolphin


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