Figure 8 pool is a very unique natural wonder that you need to see for yourself. Figure 8 pool is on the dangerous rock shelf, south of figure 8 pool gully, in Sydney’s Royal national park near Burning palm beach. There are lots of circular sinkholes in this rock shelf but two sinkholes have merged over time to form this amazing shape in the rock.

A trip to the figure 8 pool is one of the amazing ways to spend a summer day in Sydney. You can’t drive directly to visit the figure 8 pool. Therefore, you need to walk through Burning palms beach and rocks to reach the figure 8 pool. This track is long, a little bit rough, and very steep. So, you should well prepared and equipped for all possible hazards and delays. As well as ensure the protection of you and your team.

Are You Ready to Have a Fun & Safe Journey? (7 Facts You Must Know Before Visiting Figure 8 Pool)

  • You can only reach the figure 8 pool when the tide is less than 1 meter. If the tide is extreme, high, or moderate you can’t see it because waves are washing through pools and over the entire rock shelf. So, tide conditions and weather forecasts are really important.
  • Do not stand at the edge of the rock shelf near the ocean. Because the surprise waves could be knocked over or drag you into the ocean.
  • There are no facilities. including water, food, toilets, first-aid, etc. So, you need more preparation to protect your memorable day.
  • Never turn your back to the ocean.
  • Surf conditions at Figure Eight Pools change quickly. The ocean can be calm for a few minutes before a series of big waves can suddenly smash the rock shelf of figure 8 pool.
  • Don’t dive into the figure 8 pool.
  • If you are planning to visit from April to June, you need to plan it carefully because various tracks are closures to the rock shelf.


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