Hundreds of lists of Germany’s most scenic little towns may be found online. Because, Germany is home to a large number of fascinating and charming tiny towns. Their picturesque tiny towns have added value because of their proud heritage, ancient Gothic and Baroque culture, beautiful landscapes, and modernization. If you want to visit these fantastic medieval villages, here is a list of Germany’s 10 most scenic little towns.

1. Bad Wimpfen, Baden-Wurttemberg

Old german medieval city of Bad Wimpfen in Wurttemberg

Bad Wimpfen looks like a picture of a beautiful storybook with its narrow streets, half-timbered houses, historical castle road towers, sleepy pitched red roofs, and stained glass windows. The Burgenstrabe castle road is the most highlighted thing is the Bad Wimpfen, and it is also considered as the largest imperial place in the Northern part of the Alps.  

2. Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Beautiful postcard view of the famous historic town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber on a sunny day with blue sky and clouds in summer, Franconia, Bavaria, Germany

Rothenburg ob der is one of the most fascinating spots in line with the oldest tourist route known as Romantic road. Its half-timbered houses, ring town walls make it one of the beautiful medieval towns in Germany. Beautiful castle gardens, Rathaus tower, Kathe Wohlfahrt’s Christmas village, Christmas museum will add extra value to your journey.

3. Schiltach, Baden-Wurttrmberg

Schiltach kleine Stadt im Schwarzwald

Schiltach is a small charming town on the eastern part of the black forest along the Kinzig River. It is a picturesque medieval town as well as a modern industrial city. You can experience the natural healing power through this high-quality natural air.  

4. Rottach-Egern

landscape at the lake tegernsee – bavaria – Tegernsee Village

Fabulous Rottach-Egern is on the shore of the beautiful lake known as Lake Tegernsee, near the Austrian border in upper Bavaria. It is a perfect combination of lush green forest, turquoise blue water, and traditional red-roofed houses. Travelers can experience beautiful hiking trails, varieties of winter sports, traditional folk performances with the majestic Alps in the background.

5. Fussen

Fussen, Germany – July 9, 2016: View from old town of Fussen’s with Cafe and restaurants, Basilica St. Mang. Fussen is a popular tourist destination on Romantic road in Germany.

Fussen is a small Bavarian town located near the border of Austria since Romance time. This romantic city is the gateway to the beautiful and majestic Neuschwanstein castle. Other than that, Leach River, cobblestone streets, colorful multi-story houses with red roofs, and soothing violin music will add such a calming effect to your beautiful vacation.  

6. Quedlinburg

Half-timbered house on Market Square of Quedlinburg in the evening, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Quedlinburg is a small medieval which located just north of the beautiful Harz mountain. This northern German town is famous for old half-timbered houses and picturesque narrow cobblestone streets. It is absolutely a great example of an old medieval German town. A tour of historical Romanesque masterpieces, including the ancient Collegiate Church and an evening walk through the beautiful narrow streets add extra value to your beautiful vacation.

7. Bacharach

A view of Bacharach, Germany from the old town wall as the early sun is just lighting up the valley on a beautiful day.

Bacharach is known as one of the prettiest medieval villages on the Rhine River and is surrounded by a city wall. Its beautiful streets and half-timbered medieval buildings are decorated with bright red flower boxes to make picturesque charming street scenes. Bacharach is famous for wine making as well.  

8. Rudesheim am Rhein

Aerial view of Rudesheim am Rhein historical town centre with clock tower spire of St. Jakobus catholic church and Rhine river, blue sky background, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse states, Germany

The scenic Rudesheim am Rhein is located in the Rhine gorge. It attracts over 3 million visitors all year round to visit its pretty landscapes and taste the fine red and white wine. The gorgeous Rhine River flows in front of the town and vineyards are in the background of beautiful medieval houses. Old castles, architectural monuments, and scenic landscapes attract people who love to experience the mix of nature and historical milestones during their holidays.  

9. Triberg im Schwarzwald

Village in the black forest of germany

Triberg im Schwarzwald is the most visited city in the Black forest. This scenic town is surrounded by tall trees of Black forest and green fields. It is a little town, which homes to beautiful hiking trails as well as Triberg falls, one of the highest falls in Germany.


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