Another lovely event in which nature displays its artistic art is the Yellow Penguin. With its creative wonders spanning billions of years, this is a moment I’ve never been fortunate enough to catch with a wildlife photographer. Yves Adams, a photographer and excursion guide, was the wildlife photographer. He encountered an unusual creature during one of his journeys to the South Atlantic.

Photo Courtesy & More info: Yves Adams

This scene astounded the Belgian photographer, who was able to capture exact images of the animal. There were over 100,000 additional colonies on the island, but this was the solitary yellow penguin.

When Yves arrived, he studied the bizarre sight and discovered that it was a rare pigment abnormality. It’s called ‘Leucism,’ and it’s an uncommon mutation that affects only one in 20,000 – 14,000 people. This considers as the first time a ‘yellow penguin’ has been photographed in its natural habitat.


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