The cherry blossom festival is one of the national symbols of Japan, it is also known as Hanami in the Japanese language and famous all over the world. Hanami is considered a very special festival and held throughout the spring season from the end of March to early May.

Tokyo Meguro Ward, scenery of cherry blossom festival of Meguro River in spring. There are cherry blossom trees on both sides of the Meguro River, and in spring it blooms all at once. A cherry blossom festival is held every year at this time and it is crowded with many tourists.

The history of Hanami goes to many centuries old. According to the historical pieces of evidence, it was started during the Nara period (710 – 794). The term of Hanami and flower party were used to call it, the meaning of Hanami is “viewing flowers”.

Spring twig with flowers on background with pink blossom

After spending a freezing cold winter, people waiting to have fun and joy in this beautiful pinkish environment. They often involve picnics and parties to enjoy food and drinks with their families and friends under the cherry trees.

Asian woman wearing japanese traditional kimono and cherry blossom in spring, Japan.

Ancient Japanese people celebrated the new year in the spring season and they believed that the cherry blossoms give a signal of the spring planting season. So they considered it as the message of the rice paddy God. It blooms only once a year just for about two weeks. If the weather is rainy and windy, petals will scatter everywhere quickly. So, that expresses the reality of life and transition, echoing the concept of “all worldly things are transitory”.

Magic light in cherry tree park, gossamer processed. Wind shaking petals from flowers
Beautiful Pink And White Cherry Blossoms
Tokyo, Japan: Cherry trees in full bloom at Chidorigafuchi Park with recreational boats in Tokyo


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