Have you ever wondered the vibrant beauty of an endless tulip field? Netherland is world famous due to their tulip farms and they produce over three billion tulip bulbs yearly. But the origin of this amazing flower was found from southern Europe to Central Asia. According to the evidences it originally grows wild in the Tian Shan Mountain valleys and was cultivated in Constantinople in early 1055. During the 15th century tulips became the symbol of the ottomans and identified as the most gifted flowers. After 16th century tulip was rapidly popular to Europe. So the period of 1634 – 1637 was identified as “Tulip mania”.

Colorful tulip field in front of a Dutch windmill under a nicely clouded sky.

The Dutch tulip history was started in 1593 by famous botanist known as Carolus Clusius. In 1927 they were planted tulips along the street and held their first tulip festival in 1929. Since then Dutch maintained the number one position and the commercial devotion to this amazing flower. In every September, over 1,000,000 tulip bulbs from over 120 varieties arrive in Netherlands and the planting begins in every October in different places including tulip farms, city streets, and gardens, almost everywhere in the Holland. The best months to see stunning tulip fields in Holland, is from mid-April to early May.

Dramatic spring scene on the flowers farm. Colorful sunset in Netherlands, Europe. Fields of blooming hyacinth flowers in Holland.

Thanks to the breeding programs, have made thousands of hybrid varieties of tulip in different colours and shapes. Keukenhof, Amstardam, Noordoostpolder, Lisse, and Noordwijkerhout can be identified as the best places to enjoy millions of blooming tulips.

Duo color red and yellow tulips flowers blooming in curve shape against Dutch windmills during spring the rise

Keukenhof Flower Park

Beautiful different flowers in the spring garden. Keukenhof, Holland

Over 32 hectares large Keukenhof park is an amazing site to enjoy booming. Keukenhof offers you a colourful flowery day trip with full of unforgettable memories. This stunning park is open just for 8 weeks a year. Since 1950, they have welcomed guests with great enthusiasm. Keukenhof attracted nearly 1.5 million visitors in 2019, with tourists representing for more than 80% of the total. The park became online due to the COVID 19 outbreak. Every year, they plant around 7 million flower bulbs. Before visiting this stunning panoramic beauty, you must make an online reservation for a specific date and time.

Composition hyacinth fields in Holland and beautiful mountains in the mist at sunset. Art photography


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