This magical region is identified as the largest and northernmost region of Finland. Lapland borders Sweden, Norway, and Russia. The total area of the Lapland region is 100,367km2. Lapland is home to 3.4% of Finland’s total population and is also known as the least densely populated area in this amazing country. The magic of the Lapland comes from 24 hours of sunshine in summer and the northern light patterns in winter.

In the Lapland region, significant climate changes can be seen and there are about 8 seasons in this wonderful region instead of the main 4 seasons. Therefore, many climates and, environmental changes can be seen during a shorter period of time. Each and every season are unique and, Lapland changes in every season.

A river in a wintry landscape. Photographed near Levi in Finnish Lapland at sunrise.

Northern lights are thanks to disturbances within the magnetosphere caused by solar winds, which alter the trajectories of charged particles within the magnetospheric plasma. Normally, these particles are made from electrons and protons, and people particles precipitate into the upper atmosphere. Anyone who travels here is going to be ready to see the green, purple, and white light patterns of the sky. These color changes are thanks to the ionization and excitation of atmospheric constituents that emit light. Normally it results in a change in color and complexity.

Young traveler woman standing on a comfortable bed and watching breathtaking northern lights or Aurora Borealis over a snowy landscape on a starry night in Lapland, Finland

The snow-dusted getaway is known as the most ideal time to visit Lapland, which is in between November and March. During these time periods, the stunning landscapes of Lapland are blanketed by the thickest coat of snow. Winter is the ideal time to experience festive fun and lots of outdoor activities.

Rovaniemi, Finland – March 5, 2017: People in Reindeer sledge caravan safari in winter forest in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

During the dark and clear nights, you can experience excellent visibility of the Northern lights. Winter months are best to see the Northern lights because darkness falls in Lapland at around 3 pm. However, the dramatic appearance of Northern lights happens especially around the September equinox as well.

Man driving a sports snowmobile in Finnish Lapland on a sunny day
Rovaniemi, Finland – March 5, 2017: People at Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi in Lapland in Finland.

The midnight sun is an iconic natural phenomenon of Lapland which can be experienced during June and early July. So you can do lots of fun and adventurous activities at midnight. July and August are the summer months of Lapland, so you can enjoy an incredible view of mountains and water streams.

A Woman cross country skiing in Lapland Finland at the sunset

A visitor can breathe the cleanest air in the world and, it feels like talking to nature. If you love to travel to this magical region, you can enjoy the world’s most unique and breath-taking sceneries, visit rain deer, husky farms, endless forests or probably you will meet Santa Claus here.

Scenic view of woman looking at the lake in Finland at sunset
Sunset over Finnish Pyhae Luosto Nationalpark
Aurora borealis (also known as northern or polar lights) beyond the Arctic Circle in winter Lapland.
Huskey dogs sled safari ride at sunset in a winter wonderland, Levi, Lapland, Finland


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