An encounter filled with love on each side.

You can also call him the “Lion Whisperer” because he features a very special way of handling predators. What’s special about Kevin Richardson is that the way he deals with the animals, which aren’t kept in cages but in large enclosures and later in his own “Kingdom-of-the-White-Lion-Park”. Richardson also maintains an unusual physical closeness with the lions.

Since his childhood, he was very kind-hearted for animals and nursed sick animals to recover their health. Breeding grasshoppers and other small insects were one of his activities done at a young age.

Image Courtesy: Kevin Richardson

At 16 years old, he started his profession as a zoologist when he attempted to mentor as a veterinarian. But the most terrible thing that happened to him was that he didn’t get a region at the school. Then he changed the division and started to audit zoology. He exited the following two years in light of the fact that the principle of the examination was related to marine creatures and this wasn’t “his” passion. He chose to learn the creature world as a leisure activity and effectively graduated and made a vocation as a physiotherapist.

At 23 years old, Richardson met the new proprietor of “Lion Parks” in Broederstrom. Scarcely a half year after the fact, Richardson was employed for a half-time frame position. Nonetheless, since he additionally invested his free energy with the wild creatures it had been clear for the proprietor by then to hire the youthful and inspired man for all time and make him a long-lasting piece of the group.

Regardless of whether you’ll consider it a group or a pack is inside the eye of the onlooker.

The 800-hectare “Realm of the White Lion Park” is home to the uncommon white lions, as well as for sable hyenas, spotted hyenas, dark panthers, pumas, different elands, blue wildebeests, giraffes, impalas, bonteboks and, nyalas.

As per Richardson, he’s a part of different creatures, confiding in the huge felines such a great deal that he can rest among them, swim with them, and even look at the infants very close.

However, in spite of the great trust, a few mishaps have happened to him additionally or he has been assaulted and harmed by the creatures. Once a four-year-old male bit him, however, he fled quickly, a 180 kg lion once dragged him whereupon the female lion hopped on Kevin. Apart from that scratches that have been happened to him these years are countless.

The reason why exactly he works and lives with these creatures can be clarified from his eyes. “They treat him the same way as with the other members of the pack and there you just nibble and scratch each other now and then”.

As he says, “obviously you will understand the dangers of working with creatures of this type. I’ve examined the advantages and disadvantages, and thusly the geniuses far offset the cons.” Since the time the mishaps fired stacking up, he would depend more on his impulses to monitor himself.

To ensure the income of the park, Kevin Richardson works as a lion whisperer, author, and maker for different movies furthermore to he work as a zoologist and director of the park. The park should stay in his eyes, alone for the reason that the government in South Africa supports the hunting of untamed creatures to fill the state coffers. Lately, this has prompted the lion populace to decrease from 350,000 to 25,000 lions. Kevin Richardson needs to cause to notice the pleasantness of the creatures and their natural surroundings and desires to encourage individuals to rethink taking part in chasing occasions. Who can envision an Africa without lions?

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