One of the most popular and well-observed trends in photography is travel photography. The most common people who do this are travellers, photographers, and social media influencers. The individual in these images is largely seen standing in front of a stunning natural backdrop. Even if you’ve seen models, influencers, and visitors pose for these kinds of photos, you have to confess that you’ve never seen dogs do so. This article is about a stunning collection of photographs taken by Audrey Bellot, a dog photographer from France.

She told My Modern Met that she believes dogs give happiness to everyone they come into contact with. So it’s only appropriate to show them some love by photographing their great beauty in a way that the rest of the world rarely sees.

You can notice she went to great lengths to make sure these cute puppies were sitting right in order to fit in with the backdrop and photos. Since they were posted on social media, the breathtaking combination of the magnificent scenery and the charming foreground has resulted in a collection of images adored by many people across the world.

Photo Courtesy: Audrey Bellot | Instagram


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