In order to see birds, it is necessary to become a part of the silence – Robert Lynd

Birds scenes and sounds always enforce a human’s innate connection with nature. Researchers also found that bird watching and birds’ sounds have a positive impact on mental health and reduce the risk of depression, stress and anxiety. As nature lovers we can bring nature’s sounds near our door step through amazing bird feeders. So, this is a quick guide to people who love to see birds and listen their songs daily.

Greenfinches and Goldfinches on and around a bird feeder.
What type of Foods should Offer?

Try to use natural foods including black-oil sunflower seeds (provide good energy), peanuts, corns, fruits and berries. Please strictly avoid foods that cause harms such as bread, chocolate, Table scraps and etc.

Two birds at a feeder above a lavender field
What is the proper level to place the feeders?
  • Normally most of the birds will feeds at different levels, but some species of bird have their own preferences.
    • Hanging Feeders – Chickadees, Titmice, and Goldfinches
    • Ground level Feeders – Towhees, Mourning doves, Sparrows, Goldfinches.
    • Table level Feeders – Cardinals, Jays, and Finches.
    • Tree Trunks – Wrens, Nuthatches, and Woodpeckers
  • When Selecting a Feeder?
    • Select a medium sized feeder because small feeders will empty quickly and seed get spoiled or wet easily.
    • Choose a feeder that easy to clean
    • Set up two or more feeders that provides lot of spaces and avoid crowding the feeder.
    • Select a feeder that have drainage holes and use a plastic dome to protect seeds that help to keep seeds dry.
    • Please avoid feeder with sharp edges and shiny colours.
Bird feeder in winter with blue jays and cardinals
  • Tips to Attract Birds to Bird Feeders?
    • Avoid mixed seed bags because these mixed seed bags contain a lot of fillers. So, the bird will not eat.
    • Choose a larger and heavier bird feeder, that help to bare the weight of the bird without swaying or tipping over.
    • Make sure to use a flat surface that can help birds to comfortably rest while eating.
    • Planting evergreens help to attract winter birds because they will seek shelter in evergreen trees and shrubs during winter.
    • Place your feeder different levels above the ground in order to attract different kinds of birds.
    • Setting a deep bird bath of near your feeder because the birds can drink and bathe.
    • Planting viney and shrubbery like plants, that provide a place where birds prefer to build their nest.
    • Try to plant blueberries, blackberry, and mulberry plants, because this plants provide shelter as well as additional food sources to them.
    • Birds are vulnerable due to attract by house cats. So, make sure to keep your cat inside that helps to them to feel secure.
    • Do not forget to keep foods when feeder empty specially during winter season because its very hard to find foods in winter.
Bird Feeders
tit in the snowy winter bird feeder
An assortment of birds feeding at a Mid-Atlantic platform bird feeder during a snow storm.
Black Capped Chickadees stop to feed on a backyard bird feeder in Spring.
sparrows on garden feeder waiting to have a turn


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