Diamond beach is one of the most stunning travel destinations in Iceland. It belongs to the greater Breioamerkursandur glacier plain, tongue into the Jokulsalarlon lagoon on the southeastern coast of Iceland.

As a result of volcanic eruptions, the sand on the beach has turned into black color. Huge chunks of ice break up into thousands of incredible blocks from the Breioamerkursandur glacier, wash up on the jet-black sand of the Breioamerkursandur beach.

There is a very cold climate in Iceland. Therefore, ice blocks do not melt easily and, remain the same for a longer period. The reason to call this beach the “diamond beach” is because these ice cubes on the vibrant jet-black sand beach look exactly like diamonds.

Diamond beach is about 378 kilometers far from Reykjavik the capital of Iceland. Even it is a 6 hour or more journey through public transport, a private vehicle can go over in about 4 hours and 30 minutes. But from Hofn, it’s just only an hour-long journey. However, the beauty of the diamond beach attracts a large number of local and foreign visitors.

Diamond beach can be visited at any time of the year. But when the winter arrives in Iceland, there is less light during the daytime, the environment also very cold. Therefore, a tourist who visits Diamond beach in winter has to face challenging situations. But the winter is quite good to see the Northern lights.

For summer travelers, the diamond beach is one of the cheapest & the greatest options. Because, when summer comes in Iceland, there is a long daytime and temperature is between 8 to 12 degrees of Celcius.  So that anyone who visits here in the summer season can enjoy their trip at best with a variety of beach activities. There are very scenic and excellent camping sites in both Kirkjubaearkloustur and Hofn cities.  Also, there are several hotels and restaurants in the nearest cities.

The beach is not risky when compared to other beaches. But icebergs might flip over and drag out to sea with you. So, it is better to keep remember that as well.

Diamond beach has a beauty that is unique to it. Because of this, the beach became one of the fascinating destinations on the map of tourists. If you love to visit this stunning beach don’t forget to see at least either sunrise or sunset.


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