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A stump or heart is the male red deer, whereas a hind is a female. Red deer can also be found throughout Europe, the Caucasus Mountains, Asia, Iran, West Asia, and Central Asia. It’s also Africa’s only deer species, found in the northern Atlas Mountains between Morocco and Tunisia. A wildlife photographer recently captured prey breathing behind ferns, and it’s incredible that only one photographer was able to capture it. This post is about a photographer who plainly missed his photo as he turned the other way while turning his back on the photographer. This apparently happened in a crowded park in west London.

Surprisingly, wildlife photographer Roger Clark, who was researching a red deer, captured this scene. He was ensuring that he would see at least one red deer, and his wish had come true.

“We noticed a man with a camera mounted on a tripod, paying serious attention to the deer’s movement among the ferns and without knowing what was behind him.” “It seems like a distance of “bag to pocket” from the angle where I’m standing, and it seemed like a joke to me.” “However, it’s unusual that the fat guy did not notice that close.”

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