We have heard so many stories of humans and animals being best friends like cute stories about dogs, cats, and birds. But, have you ever heard a story about a human-bear close relationship? Then, this will be an interesting story that you will get to know all the time.

Veronica Dichka is a Russian girl from Novosibirsk and she is the main speaker of this story. A few years ago, Veronica had rescued a bear cub from a circus and she wanted to find a happy home for this cute bear cub with a heart full of love. Then she handed over the baby cub to a safari park and he was named “Archie”. Finally, Veronica was very happy and the Archie grew up in the safari park safe and happy until the Covid -19 pandemic spread in the world. Scroll down and read more about this beautiful story. Photo Courtesy & more info at dichkaaaaa |tiktok.com



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic virus, the whole world got struck and the global economy was declined drastically. As a consequence of economical setbacks, the safari park that Archie was lived also had to close down immediately. Again, Archie faced a serious issue without being looked after by anyone.

After heard about Archie, Veronica was so upset and she decided to help her friend she rescued when she was young. The amazing fact is, Archie still remembers Veronica who saved his life, even he was spent a long time in the safari park.



Veronica and Archie are having a happy life now and she gained huge attention on social media after she posted a lot of photos of her and Archie hanging out & playing with each other. It seems dangerous, but Archie is just her best friend now.

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